Saturday, March 26, 2011

Greetings From Earl At The Del-Ray Motel!

There are countless variables about these postcards from the Del-Ray Motel in Indianapolis, Ind., that make them utterly astounding. First, of course, is how inane the images are, with the inclusion of scary portly manager "Earl."

Second, scouring the internet reveals that this series is wildly popular, found on countless webbies and blogs touting "boring postcards," "destinations to nowhere" and the like. You can even buy an original of the card for $3.
Here's the info I've collected after wasting a good 30 minutes researching the magnificent Del-Ray:

* It's gone. Now known as the Catalina Motel(?).
* Just 2 miles west of the city center on Rt. 40
* Hot water, TV, wall mounted phone, fan in every room.
* Beautiful checkerboard linoleum flooring, air raid block walls, textured bedspreads, spearmint-hued decor and Sani-Kleen Glassware®
* Adorable matching drapes in a complex pattern of winter colors
* Texaco station was just down the road!The equally swanky Catalina Motel, now in the location of the former Del-Ray.

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