Saturday, May 7, 2011

Surreal: New York City 42 Stories In The Sky!

Wednesday evening's launch event for travel webbie, a community in which property owners link with potential guests, was quite a win. Sponsors included tasty, just-released Balls Vodka—ripe for an endless array of ribald jokes—as well as catering by Thomas Preti (five spice chicken in Wonton cups=good god almighty good), Hint Water—another sugar-free, all natural, organic flavored bev (blackberry, ewww)—and, oddly, SecureWrap, a tamper-proof luggage bag wrapper.

But the real star was the view: 42 stories up from the Skyhouse condos on East 29th Street just off Fifth Avenue. It's one thing to say you can see the Empire State Building from your apartment, but 42A offered one serious unobstructed glorious sight to behold.

Add views from three sides and you've got some of the most beautiful skyline panoramas I have ever seen. Imagine being up so high that you're not only looking down on the Flatiron Building, but it looks quaint. Amen!

Now, let's allow the photos to tell the rest of the story.
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  1. Great Views - I really love
    Frank / Bavaria